Good Googly Goo BBQ

BBQ Pop-up (Meat Only)

Covid-19 Procedures, Rules, and Conditions

  1. No Cash Sales. All orders must be pre-paid using electronic payment methods ($CashApp, Credit Card, etc.)
  2. Curbside Pickup Only. All Orders will be brought to your vehicle. Orders will be placed on the hood or roof of your vehicle. We ask that you retrieve your order from the hood after the server has retreated at least six (6) feet from your vehicle.
  3. Sanitization. All food containers and packaging will be properly sanitized before delivered to your vehicle. We will use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe the external surface of the boxed food. Food Handlers will utilize sterile gloves properly at all times.
  4. Certification. Good Googly Goo BBQ is trained and certified (ServSafe) in food handling and food safety. We will take every precaution necessary to make sure the food we serve is safe for consumption.
  5. Pick-up Time. All orders must be picked up during the designated pick-up time window only. You can call 240-244-7933 to notify us with your estimated arrival time